Avoid 15 Common Mistakes That Can Cost Your Family a Lot!

In this book, you’ll learn the 15 common estate planning mistakes people make.  More importantly, you’ll learn how to avoid these mistakes.  The common estate planning mistakes covered in this book are:

  • Not Preparing an Estate Plan
  • Not Understanding How Your Assets Pass at Your Death
  • Planning Your Estate Around Specific Assets
  • Relying on Co-Ownership of Property to Avoid Probate
  • Adding Your Children to the Deed of Your House
  • Adding Your Children to Your Bank Accounts
  • Not Understanding the Tax Consequences of a Gift
  • Using Beneficiary Designations as Your Only Plan
  • Failing to Prepare an Estate Plan During a Divorce
  • Failing to Consider the Income Tax Consequences of Distributing Your Assets
  • Failing to Recognize That Wills Can be Easily Changed
  • Poor Drafting
  • Thinking That All Estate Plans Are the Same
  • Leaving Property to a Minor Child or Grandchild
  • Failing to Fund a Living Trust

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