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Traditional estate planning focuses on transferring assets at death and planning around the payment of taxes.  We believe focusing on death and taxes is the wrong focus because it does nothing to help you during your lifetime.

We have a completely different focus.  Our perspective on estate planning focuses on financial, retirement, business succession, charitable, medical, disability, legacy, and gift planning.  

helping you Avoid Family Conflicts and probate Court

Family Estate & Legacy Planning

Traditional estate planning is not only dead; it is the enemy of your family’s wealth and privacy.  Let me explain.

When I talk about “traditional estate planning,” I am talking about estate planning that focuses on taxes and transferring assets at death.  Focusing on taxes and death transfers is the wrong way to look at estate planning.  Why?

First of all, Texas has no death or inheritance taxes, and the federal exemptions are so high now that very few people need to consider tax issues in their estate plans.  Secondly, focusing on asset transfers at your death ignores your needs while you’re alive.

Family Estate & Legacy Planning is life planning, not death planning.  It’s using your assets and resources to create an environment for your protection and care during your lifetime and extending that care and security to your family beyond your life.  The planning we help you do is a process that begins during your lifetime and continues after your death.

The problem is that most people, even legal and financial professionals, think of estate planning only in the category of death planning.  Focusing on death planning overlooks the fact that people are living longer and dealing with debilitating health issues like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia.  Death planning does nothing to help you during your life if you live long enough to contract one of these “old age” diseases.

Alternatively, there are situations where young people are in accidents that leave them seriously injured and incapacitated but alive.  Traditional death planning makes no provision for them during their lives in an incapacitated state.

My office focuses on life planning, not death planning.  Our Family Estate & Legacy Plans provide for your lifetime care in the event of a disabling or debilitating disease while preserving a legacy for your children and grandchildren.  We help you plan for devastating healthcare costs, remarriage after the death of a spouse, and the possibility that your children will divorce or die before their spouse.

The goal of our Family Estate & Legacy Plan is to ensure that you use your assets for your care during your lifetime and that after your death your assets go to those individuals you want to have them, in precisely the way you want them to get them, and when you want them to get them.  Our plans also ensure that your family will not spend a substantial amount of time and money on legal fees and court costs while tying your estate up in a lot of red-tape that prevents your wishes from being followed immediately upon your death.

Creating a Family Estate & Legacy Plan is not a difficult or expensive process.  But, it does require you to take immediate action.

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